Misssion and Tasks

The main goal of the project is rethinking and creating a new modern, simple and stylish website design. Task list:

  • Attracting a new audience to the website, minimizing the bounce rate, increasing the time, spending on the website;
  • Attracting new advertisers, increasing the number of paid advertising materials and interviews;
  • Popularization among the public, increasing the conversion rate (subscription to a magazine via website);
  • Attracting new students to the academy of a parliamentary journalist.

How Does the Website Look Now

As we see the current version of the site has a lot of visual problems and does not match the status of the edition in particular and the current trends in the design of online media in general. In my opinion, this site needs many improvements in the appearance and usability for increasing the audience, the sales of subscriptions and advertising spaces.

My Version

During the process of work the main competitors of the edition — Ukrainskaja Pravda, Levyj Bereg i Novoe Vremja — were thoroughly studied and analyzed. In addition to these media, I’ve been searching for references among popular foreign resources: Reuters, Forbes, New York Times, The Guardian, etc. As a result, I made the design of the main page, the page with a list of news and the page with the full article.